Are Sensory Issues Causing Your Child With Special Needs to Strip Off Clothing?

Are Sensory Issues Causing Your Child With Special Needs to Strip Off Clothing?

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For whatever reason, every now and then we will get a student who just cannot deal with a sensory issue surrounding clothing. I’ve had a pre-school age student who would not keep a diaper on so the parents would send her to school in a dress with nothing underneath!!! We just can’t do that at school so we worked to desensitize her to wearing diapers. I had another student who could not stand the tags in his shirts so we cut them out (thank you Michael Jordon for the tag-less t-shirts!)

This year we’ve had another student who has a serious skin condition that makes him scratch his skin until it bleeds. Poor baby!!! He would take his shoes and socks off daily so he could scratch. It was a HUGE distraction to instruction and a health concern to the school as well.

The solution? The teacher came up with the idea of having the child wear tights under his clothing and encouraged the family to make sure he was lathered up every night with his cream before bedtime. He could no longer reach the ankles/feet where he has the biggest issue. Between the cream and the inability to reach the itchy spots, as was his habit, he stopped the behavior!

One of my teachers has been battling the clothing vs. sensory issues for over four years with a student and just this semester has found the PERFECT solution for her student so I HAD TO SHARE!!!!

Take a look at this unique solution!!!

I see this child in the hallways now and she’s walking with the rest of her class independently. There are no staff members walking beside her, holding her pants up as she walks down the halls. This one change has resulted in a complete turn around in this student’s day and will have enormous positive implications in her life including future options of having a job.

I’m sharing this today because if I would have seen this solution somewhere four years ago, we perhaps could have saved this child, this teacher and this family a long an unnecessary struggle. I am hoping this could help someone else!

Now I would like to hear from you! Does this sound like something you would try? Do you have other sensory issues with clothing? Write your thoughts in the comments area. I’m sure if I don’t have a solution, someone out there does just like the two I’m sharing today!!! Remember it’s all about what we know and how we can make a difference in the lives of the child or students we love!! 

You take care and I’ll see you next time!


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