Anxiety Reducing App You Can Get for Free!

Anxiety Reducing App You Can Get for Free!

We often do calming procedures for our students that involve visual supports. If we’re using a 5 point scale with a student, we typically start the visual calming procedure when the student gets to a “3”. When I found this calming app, I started thinking about how this could be used in a calming procedure and tap into the wonderful deep breathing that helps to calm not only students, but anyone in emotional distress.

Take a look at this FREE app called Calming Bubbles! A cute app for your younger students.

Special Note: In the video you can hear that I exhale via my mouth. Since I filmed this, I have now learned that inhaling and exhaling through your nose is the proper way to do deep breathing.

I have also learning that “belly breathing” is the proper way to engage your body during deep/calming breathing. Belly breathing is simply filling up your belly like a balloon and thus extending it out during the inhaling process. Then during the exhale through the nose, the belly retracts.

Try belly breathing while inhaling in and out your nose using about 4 seconds to breathe in, holding for 4 seconds and then breathing out for 4 seconds. This is an amazingly simple stress reducer for all.

Let me know how you like the app and the breathing technique!!! Leave a comment.

You take care and I’ll see you next time!


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