Already Made Visual Supports For You!!!

Already Made Visual Supports For You!!!

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It’s easy to tell a teacher or a parent that visual supports are helpful. It’s easy to say use of visual supports is one of the Best Practices for children with autism. What’s hard is finding the time to find them or make them.


In today’s video I am showing you not only WHERE you can find visual supports, but you will also see that the visual supports are ALREADY MADE for you!!! It’s a free download….at your service!!

Take a look!

As a coach and consultant, I don’t go into a room to assist a teacher without an arsenal of these visuals with me.

When you have behaviors, GO VISUAL.   If you tell, tell, tell a child to do something without success….you need to show, show, show.   GO VISUAL. 

Also, today for my subscribers, I’m giving you another source for even MORE ready- made visual supports!!!

Just go to the Indiana Resource Center For Autism (IRCA) and go to visual supports. More amazing stuff!!!

You’ll find visuals for:

Holidays and Celebrations

Behavior and Emotions

Health and Personal Care




Work Systems

Structured Tasks

This site is your new lifeline to visual supports and successes with your children with autism and other disabilities!!! USE IT!!! 

Explore their site and you’ll find wonderful articles, workshop information and other amazing services they provide!!

Take care and I’ll see you next time!!


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