Add a Little Magic To Help Kids Do What You Want, LOOK HERE!

Add a Little Magic To Help Kids Do What You Want, LOOK HERE!

Once again, I’ve found a little magic that I just have to share!  A couple of years ago, one of our SLPs had this magic wand that she brought out here and there to get kids to pay attention and work on their articulation,  language or social skills.

I’ve wanted one of these ever since.  I told one of my friends that I wanted one and one day, it showed up at my house!  She got it on Amazon and I can’t seem to stop smiling every time I use it. 

If it gets my attention, imagine what kind of magic you could bring to your therapy session, circle time, social skills group, reading block, etc, etc, etc!

Take a look!

Right in the middle of winter, you just need a little something to keep you excited about your sessions with students.  My philosophy is that if I’m interested and having fun so are the kids.  If I’m bored, so are the kids.  Try this little tool when you think about adding a little lightness into your day!

Add a little spark and let me know how it goes! Leave a comment!

You take care and I’ll see you next time!



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