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Welcome to Behavior Communicates!

If you’ve found my website, chances are you’ve been searching for awhile to find answers for the child/children with special needs in your life.

I’m guessing too, that you’ve been looking for hope and for strategies and programs that you haven’t been able to find.

I’m changing all of that here at Behavior Communicates!

I’ve been providing Professional Development Services to my corner of the world in the arena of a five school district and a seven school district special education services cooperative for the past 12 years.


As a result, I’ve got information that can transform your life with your special needs child!

I’m a published author with a new social skills book/game called Say What? coming out soon from Autism Asperger Publishing Company (AAPC).  With this material you will be able to see how I use Foundation Scripts to teach students the basic everyday conversations that elude our children and cause trouble in their relationships.  You will also have access to the multiple pages of Quick Social Responses that we all use daily which our children/students with autism don’t have.  This material also offers a social skills game that your child can play because they’ve learned what to say with the script practice!  How cool is that?

If that’s not enough, Say What? also adds in the final piece of providing unscripted scenarios that the students will be able to do, once again, because they’ve been taught what to say!!  I’m into practical things that make sense. How about you?

I help families and educators find their way in special education by providing information, consultation services, strategies, tools and techniques that in too many cases, they’ve never even heard of before!  This is information that I routinely provide to my teachers!

Why should only some families and educators who happen to live/work in the right place with the right people around them get this valuable information?  Even with the internet, it’s hard to know what works and what doesn’t without some help and guidance.  That’s why I’m here, doing this work now!

In addition to my work as a Professional Development Coordinator, I am also a certified Speech/Language Pathologist.  This communication background has served me well when it comes to not only helping people put a communication system into place, but to understand the power of communication and the social benefits of getting that communication right.

If you’re curious about my qualifications, click on to the Education and Training tab and you’ll get a feel for my background.  You’ll see that I’ve had extensive training in autism spectrum disorders, the Lindamood-Bell programs, SRA reading programs, Kansas Learning Strategies, Instructional Coaching, Crisis Prevention trainings and an array of other important strategies, programs, tools and techniques.

What does this mean for you?  This means that if you sign up for my weekly blog, you’ll get information on a variety of important topics, be exposed to strategies and tools you can use immediately, and find out what are the evidence based practices in special education.

You’ll become savvy in what’s available to you and you’ll learn to take charge of your challenges in the classroom and at home.  You don’t have to lose hope, there is hope and help!

If you need more than just my free weekly information, you will also have the chance to consult with me personally or schedule a training to take things to the next level.

I’ve been designing classrooms, creating communication systems, problem solving for behavior issues and training educators and families to use the tools, strategies and programs that have improved everything from communication to behavior to academics.

I’ve helped children communicate who have never communicated before, some even at the high school level.  Can you imagine being silent until you went to high school?  I put a stop to that!!!  I’ve helped  prevent students from going to more restrictive environments due to behavior issues by putting structure into place. I’ve reduced or eliminated aggressive behaviors in the classroom so that students are ready to learn, some passing standardized tests for the first time!

When I see what our families and educators go through, I can only assume that similar challenges are occurring literally all over the world.  My question is, with what help?  With what support?  As I have traveled around to many different locations, I hear the same things.  “We don’t know about that strategy”, “We don’t have professional development”, “We have never heard of that program”.

I have a nephew with autism and have been part of his educational team for several years now.  As his parents and I have worked against multiple obstacles to put a plan together for him, his mother said to me, “What do people do without a “Carla” in their lives?”  It was both a compliment and a question that haunted me.  That question was the seed planted in my thoughts which ultimately compelled me to start Behavior Communicates.

So, now that you know a bit about me, let’s get connected and do this together!  Sign up for my weekly blog and you’ll be in the know! 

Hope and Help are here!


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