A Strategy To Keep In Mind With Students Who Have Down Syndrome!

A Strategy To Keep In Mind With Students Who Have Down Syndrome!

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Are you working with a student who has Down Syndrome and you find that he/she has behaviors like refusing to do the work presented or becoming verbally or physically aggressive?

I know I have!!! Stubborn is a word that comes to mind. Right? Consider this….sometimes that “stubborn” attitude just might be the result of your student being overwhelmed with the task you are presenting.

I’ve had students simply put their heads down on the desk or cover their face with their hair. You know me, Behavior Communicates!

And the mantra? “What is this child trying to tell me?”

Do not rule out that you are simply asking TOO MUCH of your student. Consider this….even if you KNOW that the student can do the work, Instead of saying, “He can do the work, he’s just being stubborn”.

You may want to ask a question in a different way. Even though your student can do the specific work, are you presenting it in a way that he is capable of learning?

Take a look at this week’s video to make sure that you are presenting new information to your students with Down’s Syndrome in the way that they can process it!

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You’ve got to see/read this letter to a teacher entitled, That Kid.

I personally cannot read it out loud without getting a hitch in my throat. I highly recommend that you read this out loud at your next staff meeting, department meeting or save it for next year’s teacher welcome back meeting in the Fall. It’s guaranteed to tug at the heartstrings of any teacher.

This letter really fits with this week’s topic of making sure you are doing the right thing for your student with Down’s Syndrome. If That Kid doesn’t make you stop and rethink some things you are doing, I don’t know what will!!!

Enjoy the video and the letter. Write in the comments how these two things affected you and your staff!!! As always, like this video and share with your friends and families!

You take care and I’ll see you next time!


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