A Strategy to Help Kids on the Autism Spectrum Answer Questions and Curb Echolalia

A Strategy to Help Kids on the Autism Spectrum Answer Questions and Curb Echolalia

Today’s strategies are going to seem very simple to you, but I’m here to say that they work well and they work quickly!   What am I talking about? I’m talking about using visual supports to relieve stress and anxiety for both the students and the teachers when the teachers ask questions and the students need to respond.

Take a look!

We still have a few weeks of school left, so make the most of that time together with your students! Use your visuals to get you through and then send them home with your parents to help them get through the summer months!

Get ready because next week is the week I’m revealing the results of our pre and post language samples!!!!!!!! I have not seen the results yet, but if the one sample that I already shared with you is any indication, I think I’m going to be in for a treat!

Communication should be the cornerstone to your program for children with special needs. This communication, including social skills experiences, cannot only take place 20 minutes 2X a week with the speech therapist. It needs to be integrated all day long, consistently each day, each week, each month. That’s how we all learned to speak, and this is how our children with special needs will learn to communicate.

Everyone needs to be on board with communication as a TOP priority, not just during “speech time”. To me “speech time” is all day long. If you are not already using your SLP as that person to guide you, your parents and your support staff to what to do next, where to go next, and how to handle the next communication hurdle, then perhaps you can begin to rethink your structure for next year.

It is my hope that when you see what this team has done or our non-verbal, low verbal students in the time span of a school year, just think what these students will be able to do if we add to the students’ communication skills every year after this!

Then imagine what would have happened if this kind of communication support could have occurred BEFORE they got to Kindergarten!!!

I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences.

You take care and I’ll see you next time!


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