A Solution for Students Who Have Anxiety About Using the Bathroom!

A Solution for Students Who Have Anxiety About Using the Bathroom!

Many of our students have anxietyabout things in their environment.  That anxiety can come from many different things. Sometimes the list of possibilities seems endless but here are a few that seem to pop up on a regular basis:

 Social Situations

Lack of success with an academic subject

A routine that has changed

A need for sensory input

A need to reduce sensory input

The understanding of communication from others

The need to communicate wants/needs/emotions

The video today focuses in on one potential areathat some students may have anxiety about and one solution that has worked for me time and time again!

Take a look!

As summer is coming at us fast and furious, I’m sure you are all ready for a break or at least a change in routine!  This summer we’ve got no weddings on the books and no babies on the way, so I’m taking this opportunity to have some foot surgery! When else can I reserve 10 weeksto be on a scooter or in a boot???

I’m just warning you that you will see me on crutches or on my handy dandy scooter in some upcoming videos!

I can’t drive for 4 weeks so I’m going to get some reading time in and see if I can finish up editing a project I’d like to publish by the end of the year!  I guess it takes getting “grounded” to encourage me to finally get book # 2 completely done!!!

Hope today’s ideas help you with those students who have similar issues!

You take care and I’ll see you next time!


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