A Simple Fix for An Interesting Writing Problem!

A Simple Fix for An Interesting Writing Problem!

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Expect, Expect, Expect! I expect a lot from my students. I expect most of them to have a job someday and if some kind of behavior is annoying, not age appropriate or inappropriate at any age it will be unacceptable to an employer. 

It’s almost never too early to stop negative, immature behaviors. Unfortunately we all tend, at times, to give our children with special needs a “pass” for things we would not tolerate from a child without a disability. As teachers and parents we need to step it up.

In today’s video, I share a story with you about my nephew, Noah, and the weird thing he was doing when he wrote. Check out how my higher expectation changed things really fast!

Take a look!

Speaking of writing, if you have not yet been to a training called, Expanding Expression Tool (EET), you’re missing out on an amazing tool!!! The author, Sara Smith, has done an amazing job of pairing a colorful ball or bead with a category or concept that basically gives kids a visual tool to improve their ability to expand their writing.

Here is what each colored bead or ball stands for:

  1. Green = What group does it belong to?
  2. Blue= What does it do?
  3. The eye= What do you see?
  4. The wooden ball= What is it made of?
  5. Pink= What parts does it have?
  6. White= Where does it come from?
  7. Question mark= What else do you know?

These visual and sound cues helps to make this tool “sticky” which helps kids to remember what they need to write about or talk about.

If you can’t attend a training, you can find Sara’s EET kit online at www.expandingexpression.com. I have spoken to Sara and she’s promised me an interview next time she’s in town, so hopefully I will get her on the site sometime in the near future!!!

Happy writing!

You take care and I’ll see you next time!


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