A Program for Early Childhood Students: ABA in a Box!

A Program for Early Childhood Students: ABA in a Box!

I’ve been talking a lot about that window of opportunity for language development that the literature tells us happens for students on the autism spectrum between the ages of 3 and 5. I’ve also share with you a tool for assessing where students are with their social skills (The Denver Early Start Curriculum Checklist) so today I want to share a resource that can be used with our young students to teach some very basic skills.

Check it out!

I love that this material includes everything you need to start working with kids immediately and I love that our paraprofessionals can use it too!!! This tool gives you something to concretely share with parents AND you can use the lessons to inspire your IEP goals.

One of the very first lessons teaches the skill, “Come here”. If you think about it, that should be an early lesson because it’s not only a compliance skill, it’s a necessary skill during emergencies. I appreciate how this program addresses teaching the skill, but then goes on to expect that we use the skill in everyday situations.

One last plug for you to sign up for Sarah Ward who is coming to Indiana on Oct 4th in Lawrence Township.   Her workshop is being sponsored by the Indiana Resource Center for Autism. If you go and you are one of my subscribers, please introduce yourself! I’ll be there! I can’t wait to see what treasures Sarah has for us in the area of Executive Function!

On a personal note: If you haven’t been on Chicago’s Architectural Boat Tour, treat yourself the next time you are in the windy city! My daughter, Sarah, who is an interior designer in Chicago treated me to this amazing history and journey of Chicago’s eclectic skyline. It was such a treat to have a little mother/daughter time and enjoy some sun, some fun and some history!

To those of you who have not yet heard from me, hang in there I’m still responding to the overwhelming responses we got from our 5 year anniversary give a way!

If you were not lucky enough to win your copy of Scripting with Idioms, you can still get your copy via Amazon.com! Grab your copy so you’ll have this resource all year long OR put it on your holiday wish list!

Hope your year is off to a great start! You take care and I’ll see you next time!



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