A Practical “Visual–Mental Math” strategy for your Child with Special Needs!

A Practical “Visual–Mental Math” strategy for your Child with Special Needs!

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I think you know by now that I like strategies that work and if they are simple….all the better!  I know from experience, if something is too complicated, staff is so busy and stressed out these days that to try and learn one more thing or to try and incorporate one more strategy sometimes is simply just too much to ask!!! Am I right???

With that said, when I saw this strategy demonstrated in a recent team meeting, I just had to share it with you!!!! I know that the label I used in my blog title, Visual-Mental Math doesn’t make sense!!! There is no “Visual-Mental Math” but I think you’ll understand what I mean by this when you watch the strategy in today’s video!!

Take a LOOK!

You tell me….did I just coin a new term? HaHa…..I could have used some “visual-mental math” strategies when I was in school!!! Perhaps for your students on the spectrum, this strategy will help create a visual math problem and he/she won’t actually have to hold up a bill to create the mental image of a math problem.

Enjoy this strategy this week, because next week I’ve actually found an app that allows you to give your child/student practice with the next dollar up strategy.

It too is SO SIMPLE and SO VISUAL that I’m guessing it will be one of your favorite math apps!!!

If you try the visual math problem out in the community with any of your students, I’d love to hear how it went. Please drop me a line and let me know!!!

You take care and I’ll see you next time!!!


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