A NEW App that Will Have Your Student’s Talking!

A NEW App that Will Have Your Student’s Talking!


I know you may be using video modeling among your strategies to help shine the light on how you want your students to behave, but what about an app that can use your own pictures of pets or pictures of your own students who communicate in the app? This app will allow your students to see a picture of themselves talking!!!!

This is kind of like video modeling for communication!

This app is ripe for all kinds of creativity! You can make anything talk! You can use objects in your room, family pictures, staff members, classmates….What would your student’s iPad say if it could talk? What would your class pet say if it could talk?

Take a look!

Another app that is perfect for this season is the PNP, or Portable North Pole App! Just go to the app store and download this free tool that you can program for each of your children.

Just imagine everyday from now until the holidays, Santa could address each one of your students with a custom message. They could look for their names and see what Santa has to say them!!! I can see this now projected up on the screen in the classroom and everyone tries to predict who Santa will talk to that day!!!   How fun is that?? This is especially nice for classrooms with 10 or less students.

Don’t forget to use this at home with your own children or grandchildren!!!

If you use either app in the next week or two, let me know!   I would love to hear how you used it and what the results were!

You take care and I’ll see you next time!


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