A Little Strategy to Get Students with Special Needs Working!

A Little Strategy to Get Students with Special Needs Working!

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I took a course a few years back on how to work with children who had behavior issues and it really stuck with me for several reasons. Basically, I thought the ideas on how to get the attention of some students were brilliant.

One of the ideas was that if a student was being the class clown, the teacher’s plan was to temporarily send him/her next door where the students did not know this person as the class clown.

All of a sudden the audience was gone. No more class clown.

Another idea was that if a capable middle student was refusing to complete tasks at school, the parent was brought in to follow the student all day to see that tasks were completed.

The very LAST thing a student in middle school wants to do is have a parent follow him/her around all day. The message was, “We all care, and we’re not going away!”

The last example I’ll share is when a capable student was not turning in assignments, there would not be a mark of zero and then on to the next assignment. The teacher would “cut into” the student’s free time to make sure the assignment got done. This could happen by taking passing periods away, taking away the freedom of eating lunch with friends to get the work done, retaining students after school, taking away free time in the classroom etc. NOTE: I do not recommend taking recess away because students need that motor movement to enhance learning and attention.

Once again, the message is: “I care and I’m not going away.”

With that course in the back of my mind, I happened on a student one day who was refusing to complete a task. I was asked to come in and help, so I told the teacher to go back to teaching and I would supervise this student while we waited for him to complete his task. As I sat there in my chair near him, I tried the strategy that I outline in the video and IT WORKED!!!!

Take a look!

Let’s face it, we can put visual strategies in place, like a work system, like a token board for rewards and we can still have a student refuse to work. When a student is capable of the work….this is a strategy to try!

Now let me hear from you if you give this a try. OR if you have a strategy that works for you, I’d like to hear about it! Leave your comment below!

Thanks for watching! You take care and I’ll see you next time!


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