A Great Tool For SLPs to Use in Articulation Therapy!

A Great Tool For SLPs to Use in Articulation Therapy!


I’ve been looking to find some things specifically for SLPs because I so often share ideas that are often more appropriate for special education teachers. I saw today’s tool in a video done by a fellow SLP who goes by the name Peachie Speechie. It’s not only great for when you want to do some mirror work, but it’s also a great tool for parents and nurses!!! I actually ordered this tool on-line but was hoping to find it somewhere local since the package has a sticker that says, “As seen on TV”.

You won’t want to miss this! Take a look!

I’m just finishing some last minute details to my book, Scripting with Idioms: Everyday Social Scripts for Real Time Practice with Idioms before we send it to press! It has been a labor of love that I hope you will love! I have compiled 775 idioms and put them into 103 common scripts. I’ve included quizzes to check on comprehension, Quick Social Responses using idioms and definitions for every idiom used along with an easy to use index to find what you want quickly! Our daughter, Sarah, did the cover and it’s absolutely perfect for this book!!! It made me laugh when I first saw what she had designed.  I hope it makes you smile too! Hoping to have it available for purchase on Amazon.com by the end of October!! Stay tuned!

Keep the great comments coming! You take care and I’ll see you next time!


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