A Great Solution to Preventing Skin Scratching for Students with Special Needs.

A Great Solution to Preventing Skin Scratching for Students with Special Needs.

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You know and I know every year you will be charged with teaching a student who brings unique challenges well before you can even get to reading, writing and math. Sometimes those challenges are medical issues that you have very little control over and that can be so frustrating!!!!

If we can’t change the situation we can at least try to manage it. In today’s video I am sharing a simple, yet workable idea that a teacher and I came up with as we brainstormed a solution to extreme scratching as a result of a severe skin problem.

Take a look!

I wanted to share this idea with you because I am sure this little guy is not the only one out there with some kind of issue with scratching. Since the tights worked for this student’s itchy feet/ankles, we’re hoping that this accommodation will help him to focus on his learning rather than being distracted by his need to scratch until he bleeds.

If you have an experience similar to this and have come up with another solution, please share! That’s what Behavior Communicates is all about….making life easier for the child or students we love!

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You take care and I’ll see you next time!


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