A Book Called RED and How It’s Perfect for Kids with Special Needs!

A Book Called RED and How It’s Perfect for Kids with Special Needs!

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Have you ever had that student who didn’t quite fit in, but you wanted so desperately for that to happen? Then, one day, you discover that this very student has some unique or gifted qualities and BOOM! The value to others is realized and this little person gets to experience acceptance, pride, confidence and a place to belong.

You’ll find a story like that in this delightful book, Red. Take a look and see for yourself if you agree that some of our students need to read this story!

Here’s a couple of resources/ideas for my subscribers!

Autism Speaks has come out with a decision guide for parents who need to make decisions with their doctors on medications for their child on the autism spectrum. Feel free to share this with your parents/families.


It’s important to be a wealth of resources to your parents and this guide for parents trying to navigate the world of medications for their child can be a welcomed gift!

I’ve got to do a shout out of thanks to the wonderful school counselor, Julie Williams from White River Elementary in Noblesville, IN. She watched last week’s video on Make Dice and shared with me that she plans to make her own dice with pictures of emotions on them!!! How very cool is that??? That is one idea that didn’t make my list last week and I think it’s brilliant!!! 

Just think of the possibilities!!! This could be a great tool for other school counselors, teachers working with intense behaviors and SLPs working with social skills groups!!! Thank you Julie!

Hope your summer is amazing! Leave a comment below. Can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

Take care and I’ll see you next time.


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