A 7- Strategy Success Story For A Child With Autism!

A 7- Strategy Success Story For A Child With Autism!


One of my readers recently asked if I could do a video where I demonstrate several strategies, previously posted, in a real life situation.  So I decided to describe an actual situation that I consulted for at the very end of this school year.

This young student was actually one of the most challenging students this school had ever seen, yet she turned out to be one of the easiest students to turn around that I’ve ever had!

I was asked to go in to this classroom to see what I could do to help.  The teacher was in her very first year of teaching and just before the end of the school year, she got a new student.

This third grade girl was physically aggressive, loud, and every other word was a swear word.  The teacher was quickly out of options and the other students were afraid of her.  I decided to take my arsenal of visual strategies and other techniques.

Take a look at my video and you’ll see how I used the following:

1)  Work System

2)  OOPS!

3)  Visual “Borrow” Card

4)  Visual Place Value Chart

5)  Gestures

6)  First/Then

7)  Voice Meter

With the exception of reminding this child of her volume levels and what she could earn after she completed her tasks, her response to the visual support was miraculous.  Within an hour she went from an angry child refusing to work, to a happy, compliant child who actually learned a new math concept!

I had never had such a rapid and dramatic change!  The teacher couldn’t believe it and became an instant believer in the strategies we used that day.

I checked back on two different occasions after that day and things were still going well.  No more physical aggression and no more cursing!  With some students, you never know if you’ll be the hero or the zero in discovering what will work on any given day.  That day, the strategies I used made me the hero!

I never know what will work, but I have a toolbox full of options.  That’s the beauty of knowing that if one option doesn’t work with a particular child, I have many more to try!

I hope you are making use of the tools I’m giving you each week! As your toolbox grows, so will your confidence to handle a variety of situations.

Thank you for joining me!


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