7 Tips To Help Potty Train Your Child With Special Needs!

7 Tips To Help Potty Train Your Child With Special Needs!

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As a parent, successful potty training is kind of like one of the rights of passage. It makes you feel a little arrogant. Right? You know, strutting around pointing to the big girl pants or big boy pants and saying, “Yep, I did that”.

When I potty trained my first child, I thought I had accomplished something BIG!!! I did it! I wasn’t sure what I was doing, but I read a couple of books and then gave it a go. No pun intended!!! It was such a big deal for me that when I trained my fourth and last child by Mother’s Day of that year, I felt like I just got the best gift ever!!! Freedom and no more trips to the store for diapers!!!! Money in the bank!

If you are in the midst of the potty training wars and having some major frustrations or if you are in that state of mind where you are just too nervous to try because you have a child with special needs, then you need to take a look at this week’s video!!!

I have seven tips for you that could change the way you are looking at this obstacle in your child’s development.

Don’t stress!! With the right strategies and your determination, THIS CAN HAPPEN!!!

I am aware, just so you know, that there are some parents who will never be able to enjoy the success of potty training, but my goal here is to encourage you to move ahead with this challenge if your child is capable.

So, get your pictures ready, get your reinforcers in place, put on your “I can do this” T-shirt and go for it!!!

Let me know how it goes!!! Can’t wait to hear!

See you next time!


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