4 Things You Don’t Do To A Child Who Is Disfluent!

4 Things You Don’t Do To A Child Who Is Disfluent!

If you work with young children or you have any children of your own, chances are you’ve noticed that they can be disfluent when they are trying to tell you something.  Young children are just learning language and they can think faster than they can find the words they want to say.  What comes out are easy repetitions of words.

Have you ever learned a new language?  You may start out by saying, “Como se, como se llama?” You too may be disfluent as you are trying to remember the right words.  The concept is the same with little children.

This, of course, is normal, but what happens when you or someone else put unnecessary pressure on a child to either be quiet or hurry up?

You could unknowingly be contributing to your child’s  disfluency to a point that he/she would actually fit into the category of stuttering.

Watch the video to learn the 4 things that you should NOT do when a child displays disfluent speech.

If you witness a child who is displaying secondary characteristics when he/she is trying to communicate, I would advise you to refer your student for a speech evaluation done by a Speech/Language Pathologist.   In the mean time, you know what to do and what not to do while the child is being evaluated or services are being provided!

Hopefully these suggestions will help to reassure you and help you to decide what your child needs when disfluent speech occurs!

Take care and I’ll see you next time!


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