3 Things You Need To Know To Help Children In Crisis!

3 Things You Need To Know To Help Children In Crisis!

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When something crazy happens in your classroom, in your home or at your school, do you have the first clue how to handle it?  You may not know what to do or what to say.  You just might miss a golden opportunity to understand your child and to change the course of his/her path.

Watch the video and learn 3 things you can do to find out what really took place during a crisis!  You just might find a way to prevent another one.

Before you find yourself in a situation where you have no idea what to say, I’d suggest that you practice asking the right questions.  Perhaps you could role play with a partner, or video-tape a practice session just to make sure you are ready for how you will handle a situation after a conflict occurs.

Speaking of timelines, on a personal note…..I’m in the midst of a timeline or rather count down to a very special event!  Yep that’s right I’m about to be the MOB.  For those of you who are wondering if I’m talking about the mafia, relax!!!  I can proudly tell you that MOB is Mother of the Bride!

Got my dress, got my shoes, got my Kleenex and a very special something borrowed and something old to give as a surprise on this very special day.  So if you are near a kitchen, run and get your glass of Merlot.  Raise it high and join me in a toast for an incredible moment in my personal timeline.  I too will raise my glass to you for following my videos and blog and learning how to work with the children you love.

See you next time!


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