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Check Out How Your Tutoring Session Can Be More Successful with This Addition!

Sometimes the only difference between an OK session with your student and a GREAT session with your student is the reinforcer you use.  I recently assessed some elementary students on their reading skills who struggle with an emotional disability.  During the first session, I just brought my assessment materials and used lots of positive comments and encouragement.  The sessions went just ok for some students, but it was a bit […]

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Everything You Want to Know and Exactly Where to Find It!

What a great concept! Don’t you wish there really was a resource like this? If you are looking for a resource for all those things you want to know about sounds, spelling rules (that you didn’t get in school), word origins, or funky things about our language that you never knew but really need to teach, then I ‘ve got just the book for you! This resource does exist! Open […]

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