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Use a Writing Bracelet to Help Your Students with Writing and More!

When you work with students who have special needs, you know that they often need all kinds of supports. The more we can scaffold the help they need, the faster they can reach their goals. Of course, what’s good for students with special needs is even better for students who don’t need supports so what I’m about to show you could be very helpful to many, many students! You will […]

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Six Ways to Get Sight Words to “STICK”!

Helping students to learn those difficult sight words can be challenging!  Gone are the days that we have students spell a list of words 10 times for a spelling test!  They only forget all of those words a day after the test! We can create new pathways in the brain by making instruction a multisensory experience.  Some sight words have parts of them what are decodable, and some of them […]

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A Writing Support that is done with the TREE strategy!

Writing….the last frontier!  It doesn’t have to be as hard as our students think it is.  I took a writing class a few years ago and of the many things I learned, it was the idea that writing a book was like making a list and then filling in the blanks that made the biggest impression.  How cool is that to think that if you can make a list about […]

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