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Are you looking for strategies and tools that can help your child/students with special needs?

If so, you've come to the right place. You will:
  • Find out what social skill strategies every child must learn
  • Discover strategies, apps and programs that work that no one tells you about
  • Learn the secrets to the structure you need to improve behavior and academic progress
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Structure at School

Not only does behavior communicate, so does physical structure. I often ask my training participants what they thought was going to happen during my workshop when they first walked into the training room.
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Communication Skills

Every child in special education is entitled to a functional communication system. If your child does not have a functional communication system that they have access to throughout their day, you can expect that they will communicate with you through behavior.
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Behavior Issues

There is always a function/reason for behavior. When a student is displaying a behavior, you need to tap into the possible reasons causing the behavior. Students initiate and continue behaviors because they are getting something out of it.
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