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Is “Taking Turns” a Problem for Your Child with Special Needs?

Turn Taking is a life skill for children with special needs.  Sometimes we the parents, caretakers and educators find that we need a way to help our child understand how to take turns.  We need to show whose turn it is and when our child’s turn is coming up again. How can we do that?  Simple.  Go Visual with a large “T” for “turn taking” and place either pictures or […]

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How Do You Teach A Child With Autism To Play?

How Do You Teach A Child With Autism To Play? Hey there!  It’s summertime and our kids are out of school!  Now what?  You have more free time with your child and you want to make it count, right? We all want to get down on the floor and play with our kids, but it’s frustrating when they don’t know how!  So here’s my question, does your child prefer to […]

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Two Simple Visual Strategies You’ll Use All The Time!

Two Simple Visual Strategies You’ll Use All The Time!   Too often we forget, forget, forget to cut the verbal and go visual with our children!  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a classroom where the staff is telling, telling, telling instead of showing, showing, showing!   Of course some children you can tell them to do something and they’ll do it!  So when do you […]

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WHAT TO DO IF A CHILD SAYS “NO!” Have you had a child tell you “No” or simply ignore what you asked them to do?  Haven’t we all! I’ve got a technique for you that I learned as a trainer for Crisis Prevention Intervention.  It’s called  2+2.  Here’s how it works. When a child tells you “no”, you give them a choice and a consequence, a choice and a consequence.  […]

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“Wait!” Is This a Concept Your Child With Special Needs Understands?

“Wait!” Is This a Concept Your Child With Special Needs Understands? Find Out How You Can Teach This! Knowing how to wait is a social skill that many children with special needs struggle with.  For parents and educators, sometimes it’s a daily challenge to get a child to wait patiently. Did you know that research shows that on average, we spend time “waiting” between 45 and 62 minutes a day!  That’s […]

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Find Out How Talking And Communicating Are Different

Just Because Your Child with Special Needs Can Talk, It Doesn’t’ Mean He or She Can Communicate! You know how to talk, I know how to talk, but have you ever had to explain yourself because you didn’t communicate well? Have you ever had to apologize because something you said didn’t come out the way you intended?  Exactly!  We’ve all experienced that! So the big question here is why do […]

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